David Puzicha-Dunn - Playing the Piano

I have been singing Catholic Liturgical music since I was 10 years old. I loved it then and I love it now. When I finished High School I auditioned to join the Army Band. I played in the band for 11 years. I got the chance to travel and play all over Europe. During this time the Army gave me the musical skills to start writing my own music.

I had the feeling I could give this type of music a slightly new twist, my sound. I was at this time directing a small church choir, this gave me good options to write music. During this 11 years in the band I deployed two times. While deployed some of my best words came to be. For example Praise to The Father and The Lord is Near.  Something inside of me was telling me you need to learn piano so you can be the Choir musician and the director.

David Puzicha-Dunn - Playing at Carnegie Hall New York

At this time I was playing trombone in the band. I started teaching myself how to play piano. I am so glad I did. Now I can use this gift all the time. In 1997 I got out of the Active Army and joined the Army Reserves here in Germany. I did this for another 14 years. I was deployed 3 more times. During these deployments as before many of my words for my songs became to be.

I was able to play music and support the Churches while I was deployed. I got the chance to work with many great Priests and to play for many Soldiers. During these last few years I have been very blessed to be able to play for my beautiful Military Parish in Wiesbaden (Holy Family Parish). I have sang in Medjugorje, and two times in Carnegie Hall.


I love the music I do and I plan to continue writing and performing for many years to come...


CD Releases

new album Dave's Praises To God from David P. Puzicha-Dunn

My first album "Dave's Praises to God"

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